About the design

Haus Flora is submerged into its surrounding – the picturesque landscape with rice fields, coconut and palm trees of Bali sets the scene for an understated architecture with surprise. The family home consists of rooms that are separated by greenery and lush foliage. Building elements such as pillars, windows, and walls become visually entangled with trees and bushes, fountains and sculptures – and blend into one memorable event.

Natural green stone tiles become the predominant material that pronounces the volumes. Inside surfaces are clad in wood, structural elements in white, and floors tiled in natural stone as well. Rooms were planned to be separated by voids to provide both privacy and a sense of community in a one-floor plan. Rooms appear more like studios, and their interiors juxtapose the cold facade materials with warm wooden textured backdrops.

The voids hold greenery, and rooms connect with elevated pathways. Making use of their passive cooling attributes, trees become the conceptual centerpieces, and their branches and leave filter light into the spaces below. Traditional ‘Gladak’ grass-roofed structures stand on top, taking any attention off the main building.

About the property

Haus Flora is a bespoke private villa in Canggu with stunning rice field views that full you into relaxation.

With all the comforts customary of a five-star property, the bungalow-esque structure boasts 3.5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Haus Flora has a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, and a convenient workspace.

Haus Flora has a reading room with a sofa bed, a lounge and an incredible rooftop infinity pool that blends the modern comforts of a completely new designer villa.

Other things to note
We are offering rentals of electric scooters. This is limited supply though, so please reach out beforehand to let us know, if you want to rent one. You can charge them at the studio and thanks to the solar panels we have up on Haus Flora, our house next door you can rest assured that they are charged (mostly) from Bali’s sun.

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